Thursday, September 15, 2011

Focus Indicator:NSE-ASI

The NSE-ASI stands for the Nigeria Stock Exchange All Share Index. It is the most widely followed barometer on the Nigeria Stock Market. Although other indexes have been created, the NSE-ASI is the most closely followed for investors seeking to guage the markets mood or temperature.
On BSL there are various views providing converging perceptions of what the market is doing. These views can be contrasted with individual companies to guide decision making. 

The three month view of the NSE-ASI
The One year view BroadStreetLagos.Com/NSE/1yr, and 
The 2 year view; BroadStreetLagos.Com/NSE/2yr
Interpretations of these views are as many as the investors who use them. A premium profile will give you access to this tool.

A premium profile on gives you access to the data you need. Over the next few weeks we will discuss more indicators, phrases and companies.

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