Thursday, March 17, 2011

The NSE-ASI closed at 25,357.84 +0.9% (-3.1% in the previous week), Volume for the week was a cumulative 1.91 billion shares (1.37 billion shares in the previous week) [7-11 mar, 2011].

While some might celebrate last week’s belated/tepid recovery they might be missing the messages in the numbers. Before the retraction, the market sustained a 10 day losing streak of 1,572 pts. The equivalent of over 150 pts per day. Even with the reversal, the NSE-ASI is still down over 1,000 pts from its peak.
The NSE-ASI closed at 25,357.84 +0.9% (-3.1% in the previous week). Volume for the week was a cumulative 1.91 billion shares (1.37 billion shares in the previous week). 

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